AI for computer vision

AI for computer vision

Using complex algorithms tuned to accomplish a specific task, computer vision allows a digital system to derive information from images. Computer vision is particularly transformative in operational settings, where it can be used to automate a human task such as visual quality inspection to prevent waste, improve service levels and standardize quality parameters.

  • Automatically, reliably and accurately gauge characteristics and quality of a wide range of different products, from crops and baked goods to electronic components.
  • Quickly spot product defects to optimize production line processes and total throughput.
  • Offer tailored product suggestion functionalites to web shop customers to increase sales and enhance customer experience.

Through a partnership with Robovision, delaware offers companies a fast track toward computer vision implementation and success. The proprietary Robovision platform accelerates deep learning platform development and simplifies the creation and maintenance of models. Even more, label management is included in the pipeline.

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