Expanding our AI expertise: new partnerships with DataStories and Robovision

Now more than ever, enterprises are in need of highly practical AI solutions to stay ahead. That’s why, in 2019, delaware partnered up with two AI solutions providers that have mastered very specific skills for which both have received international recognition. Back in March, we added Robovision’s deep learning platform for image intelligence extraction to our offering. And in October, DataStories joined as well, with its groundbreaking augmented analytics platform.

The result is a significant expansion of our expertise, as well as our capabilities to help enterprises reap the benefits of AI today. “A company that wants to stay competitive has to become an intelligent enterprise,” says Olivier Verberckmoes, partner at delaware and AI expert.

Robovision: smart detection and visual inspection

Headquartered at the famous Technologiepark in Ghent (Belgium), Robovision consists of a core team of 40 deep learning and AI experts with a clear vision of the future. You can take that quite literally: as its name implies, Robovision specializes in computer vision, a specific application of deep learning. Computer vision solutions typically consist of visually detecting or recognizing specific items or objects, and then turning the data into a series of insights from which a number of actions are derived, for example in AI-enabled quality control, workforce safety, complex production automation and much more.

“By partnering with Robovision, we can bring this new technology within reach of many more companies,” Olivier continues. “Combining it with our own systems and process knowledge in complex production environments will prove particularly valuable for companies looking to make major headway in efficiency and effectiveness.”

“Our self-service AI platform allows companies to start applying AI on their production floor within weeks,” adds Daan Gheysens, sales director at RoboVision.

DataStories: predictive modeling and augmented analytics

In fall 2019, delaware also announced its partnership with data science and augmented analytics company DataStories International, headquartered in Turnhout (Belgium). The goal? Making AI-driven solutions more accessible for enterprises. “We are convinced that everybody should have the capability to harness data insights,” says Sven Arnauts, manager of delaware.ai. “Because there is currently a significant resource and expertise investment required to do so, democratizing machine-learning and predictive analytics software is an important step toward realizing this ambition.”

That’s where the powerful computational engine and workflow developed by DataStories comes in. The engine automatically applies self-adjusting machine-learning algorithms without any user intervention. In this way, it helps users transform their data into interactive ‘stories’ that can readily be interpreted, acted upon and communicated – all without data science expertise or additional IT resources. “Faster implementation of AI-driven strategies always means higher returns and greater competitiveness for all our clients,” adds Katya Vladislavleva, CEO of DataStories International.

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Sven Arnauts

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