Robovision & delaware: computer vision made accessible, resulting in high-impact applications

Robovision & delaware: computer vision made accessible, resulting in high-impact applications

Since joining forces in 2019, Robovision and delaware have been helping enterprises move ahead with their AI ambitions. Robovision developed an AI software platform for computer vision, using deep-learning models: the automatic extraction of information from images and videos by algorithms. This core AI technology is proving useful in a wide range of industries, from food to manufacturing.

Deep learning through computer vision

Computer vision is an integral AI technology that involves the ability to detect specific characteristics or objects present in visual data. Relevant characteristics are labeled and presented as a series of insights, which can trigger a number of actions including simple yes-no responses, object or similarity detection or segmentation.

Robovision’s applications are powered by deep learning, enabling the system to improve itself as more input is analyzed. Of course, depending on the implementation, additional algorithm calibration or human interaction may still be needed to increase performance.

The benefits of Robovision’s deep-learning platform

1. Improved production and quality

By automating the production process partially or entirely, you can increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of your products. Computer vision will spot defective products sooner, prevent them from reaching the market and maintain the exact same quality level regardless the day or night.

2. More valuable interpretations

The more data flows through Robovision’s deep-learning platform, the more valuable the interpretations become, which leads to better insights and decisions.

3. Customizable on the go

Once your AI model is up and running, you can further update that model based on new insights or needs that emerge.

Robovision and delaware

After collaborating on a project, delaware and Robovision decided to set up a partnership that makes artificial intelligence and computer vision more accessible. As a result, Robovision’s deep-learning platform is now part of delaware’s AI offering. This collaboration allows delaware to offer world-class computer vision solutions to its customers. Thanks to delaware’s expertise in core IT-applications, Robovision can now be integrated with your SAP or Microsoft ERP-systems, quality management systems, shop floor systems, …

Integrating the results of the visual quality control into the end-to-end supply chain processes (such as purchasing and sales) can be done by connecting Robovision's solution to the company's quality measurement system. For example, delaware has developed a connector for its SAP customers that links the Robovision platform to the quality module in SAP (SAP Quality Management). Once these connections are set up, AI can be used to anticipate deviations in real time, by proactively running the machine a bit slower, correcting the temperature, and so on. This way, a company can create a factory of the future with a single ecosystem.

How Robovision and delaware automate safety with deep learning

For a customer active in a field that requires heavy machinery, we teamed up to develop a work safety solution. The result? A self-learning system that monitors each employee’s whereabouts in and around the perimeters of a dangerous zone in real-time.

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