Azure Databricks & uniting your data to empower truly data-driven innovation

Azure Databricks & uniting your data to empower truly data-driven innovation

Big data has outgrown the hype stage and become mature. Yet, why is it that only one in five data projects is considered successful? There are too many technologies, frameworks and approaches available. The team uses the Databricks unified data analytics platform to help you solve any big data challenge – to accelerate truly data-driven innovation.

How can Databricks help

Taking full advantage of data and AI is easier said than done, since data is residing in so many different data sources and there are so many technologies available. Databricks helps you to easily step from PoC to production. By providing a unified, universal platform and approach, it helps you solve any modern big data use case, including:

Modern data warehousing

  • Extend your traditional data warehouses beyond relational data sources and include external datasets, data from API providers, aggregated data from internal sensor networks or IoT-powered production lines.
  • Leverage untapped sources and integrate and serve the entire data estate from gigabytes to terabytes of data.

Advanced analytics

  • Get deeper insights from your data – via machine learning, AI, … – to better understand and serve your customer, increase operational efficiency or even create a governed data science playground to foster innovation, without losing sight of the bigger company IT picture.
  • Ensure smooth, frictionless collaboration between business, data scientists, IT and external stakeholders to deliver true business value.

Real-time analytics

  • Gain insights into what is happening in real time and what might happen in the near or distant future. Monitor customer demand, for example, to make sure you always have the right products and capabilities available or leverage remote machine monitoring in order to prevent failure to critical machinery.

The benefits of Azure Databricks

Databricks is a unified data analytics processing engine that collects data from different sources (LOB, CRM, API, images, social, IoT, cloud, etc.) and connects it to each other. Your benefits:

Interactive, collaborative workspace: Ensure smooth collaboration between everyone involved in your data projects – from data engineers and data scientists to business analysts. Active collaboration reduces time-to-market and increases cross-team understanding of your data use cases and data estate.

Familiar, scalable Microsoft Azure environment: Spin up Databricks in the Microsoft Azure portal to enjoy integration with all of the other Azure services, use standard monitoring, security and encryption tools as well as connectors and benefit from all of the usual Azure SLAs.

Serverless and scalable platform: Avoid infrastructure management to reduce complexity and scale easily without limits – whether you need terabytes/ day or much less (incl. ‘pay as you use’ and ‘pay as you go concepts’).

Databricks Delta Lake: Bring reliability to your data lakes and simplify them to boost user adoption by adding an open source storage layer on top that provides ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling and unifies streaming and batch data processing. your trusted Databricks partner

With the first use cases dating back to 2018, delaware was one of the first software service providers worldwide to adopt Databricks on Azure and already resulted in some exceptional big data projects – ranging from pilots to terabyte-scale international deployments.

Our rapidly growing Databricks team boasts over 30 years of combined experience in data & analytics, Apache Spark™ – the engine from the creators of Databricks – and Databricks. They combine that expertise and experience with the understanding that data-driven innovation is an end-to-end journey that involves strategy, technological and functional integration and governance as well as support and training.

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