Microsoft: a proven foundation for AI and machine learning

Microsoft: a proven foundation for AI and machine learning

With Azure, Microsoft provides a powerful framework to support your organization’s AI strategy within its intuitive, best-in-class ecosystem. From out-of-the-box machine-learning projects to large-scale deep-learning algorithms powered by big data, Azure is suitable for a wide range of AI ambitions.

Tried and true, best-in-class technology

The Microsoft ecosystem has a long history and offers rich functionality that covers every single business activity. By optimizing usability, data flows and insights, technology stacks and user experience across applications, Microsoft enables organizations to gain tangible business value from new technologies.

For organizations that want to increase their data maturity, this environment extends to cover versatile AI and machine-learning capabilities as well. While Power BI remains the invaluable reporting component, Microsoft Azure AI is the extremely powerful modeling and calculation engine running behind the scenes.

"And to me, to be the leader in it, it's not enough just to sort of have AI capability that we can exercise—you also need the ability to democratize it so that every business can truly benefit from it. That to me is our identity around AI." - Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Microsoft Azure: versatility, usability and reliability

The Azure AI platform is the driving force behind the advanced analytics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence capabilities offered by Microsoft. The result of decades of innovation, Azure is a powerful cloud-based (big) data platform capable of supporting machine-learning initiatives, knowledge mining and AI applications of all shapes and sizes.

delaware is the largest Microsoft Azure partner in Belgium and offers a wide range of Microsoft solutions relevant to AI and advanced data science, including:

  • Azure IaaS
  • IoT implementations, from sensor data capture to pattern detection and beyond
  • Predictive analytics
  • Chatbots and other forms of robotic automation

The transformative power of AI

Artificial intelligence describes the capability of computers to accurately perform complex tasks like visual identification and classification, language processing and advanced data analysis. AI and machine learning give digital systems virtual eyes, ears and brains – as well as the ability to learn as more data is gathered.

What makes AI so powerful in businesses today is its ability to:

  • boost your analytical capabilities to the point where data becomes a true competitive advantage;
  • free human workers from repetitive, error-prone manual tasks to focus on adding value;
  • offer accurate big data insights and predictive models, for impactful decision-making;
  • automate and optimize processes, unlocking higher productivity, service levels and quality;
  • enriching our understanding of customers, employees, processes and markets, for ever-more-personalized experiences.

How makes a difference is a Microsoft Gold Partner in 12 domains, a Silver Partner in 3 domains as well as a certified Azure Expert MSP. Our proven experience with Microsoft technologies makes us the ideal partner in developing high-impact, cloud-based AI and machine-learning applications.

Our experienced team of data scientists, strategists, innovation officers and domain specialists offers unique value no matter where you stand on your digital transformation journey.

Beginning from ideation workshops during which we explore your goals and capabilities, we can also assist you in developing, implementing and building on a solution tailored to your organization, sector and needs.

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