Salesforce Einstein & the AI-driven CRM

Salesforce Einstein & the AI-driven CRM

With over 19% of global market share, Salesforce is by far the largest CRM provider in the world. Every day, countless companies use Salesforce to offer better service, improve customer experience, and grow their businesses. Salesforce Einstein, a comprehensive and integrated AI platform, adds a new layer of intelligence to the industry-leading CRM. experts will help you unlock its full value.

When interacting with brands, customers expect a streamlined and effortless experience. As a business, the only way of achieving this is by finding and collecting relevant data and deriving the right – actionable – insights. As user data keeps growing, however, collecting and analyzing this data has become a superhuman task.

Salesforce Einstein: the embedded AI

Enter Salesforce Einstein: a comprehensive AI platform that is integrated right into the core of your Salesforce CRM. Out of the box, Einstein offers numerous AI capabilities to your sales, service, marketing and IT departments – from recommendation engines and predictive analytics to voice recognition and natural language processing. Today, Einstein is making over 80 billion predictions a day throughout Salesforce’s different products.

The three layers that drive Salesforce applications:

  • Lightning: a next-generation app development platform that makes building (mobile) business apps easy and fun.
  • Einstein: a comprehensive AI platform for CRM that empowers sales, service, marketing and IT with machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and more. Thunder: Salesforce’s data processing and management engine optimized for data streaming and IoT.

Customer experience, driven by AI

The rationale behind this ‘embedded AI layer’? AI is no longer merely an option, but an absolute must for businesses that take improving customer experiences seriously. Einstein’s enormous success since the start of the covid-19 pandemic – e.g. 300% growth in Einstein for Service – further proves that AI technology can offer immediate value to businesses.

To help organizations achieve their aim, Salesforce Einstein offers four key AI technologies:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Voice recognition

Applying these technologies to your customer interaction processes helps improve service planning and organization, allows marketing to achieve better segmentation and personalization, and provides your salespeople with unprecedented insights.

Einstein, powered by

Salesforce Einstein brings AI to the CRM environment in groundbreaking ways. Based on decades of experience and in-depth AI knowledge, the team will help you to make the most of this opportunity to significantly improve your customer experiences.

Together, we’ll explore the most pressing needs, mid- and long-term sales, marketing and service goals, and how Salesforce Einstein can help you boost customer experiences by leveraging the power of AI.

When the C in CRM is for ‘comprehensive’

Of course, our expertise in Salesforce goes way beyond Einstein and AI. Our close partner Scalefactory is an end-to-end orchestration partner with extensive Salesforce knowledge and experience. As a result, you can count on deep familiarity with the nuts and bolts of Salesforce as well as cutting-edge AI technologies.