AI for operations

AI for operations

AI transforms operational efficiency, quality and competitiveness. Changing customer demands, new business models and disruptive technologies are having a huge impact on operations. AI enables companies to transform these challenges into growth opportunities.

The key to having impact with AI in Operations? A structured, pragmatic approach focusing on core processes.

  • Increase product quality by using computer vision during quality inspection, to achieve the highest possible quality at the highest possible efficiency.
  • Keep personnel safe by accurately detecting and tracking the movement of people and machines within and around high-risk zones.
  • Automate text recognition processes with machine-learning algorithms that structure textual data and identify relevant pieces of information and entire ideas.
  • Minimize scrap and costs and maximize quality by identifying and tweaking the drivers of your production process that have the biggest impact on product outcomes.

Explore these four applications in real-life operational settings in our exclusive e-book – ‘AI & Operations: Adding intelligence to your operational processes’.

Using AI to optimize the interactions between people and machines

The end goal of applying AI in Operations isn’t about machines, but about people. Automating and bringing efficiency to processes empowers people to make the quick, informed decisions needed for businesses to compete in the digital age.

Machine-learning technologies

All AI applications developed by delaware incorporate intelligent automation technologies: computer vision, natural language processing and advanced statistical analyses. Learn more about the different operational challenges these AI technologies can solve.

Discover technologies used in intelligent automation

The power of computer vision

Tireless, accurate and reliable: machines often have better eyes than humans when it comes to inspecting the quality of a product. But it’s all about ensuring that the deep-learning algorithm behind a computer vision solution makes balanced decisions using the “visual” data.

Explore the application of deep learning in visual inspection

Machines keep humans safe

Manufacturing environments can be dangerous – and ensuring the safety of the people that work with production machines is paramount. Our AI team worked with AI platform expert Robovision to develop a self-contained, ultra-fast image recognition platform that accurately tracks people in risky zones.

Discover why deep-learning algorithms make the best safety monitors

No AI experience? No problem!

AI solutions for operations are mature and highly effective in a wide range of applications – and you don’t have to hire a machine-learning pro or invest in expensive IT resources to reap the benefits. Get inspired by everyday operational situations where delaware AI experts have added intelligence to operational processes.

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Discover where AI can make a big impact on your business

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