AI for operations

AI for operations

Increasingly complex supply chains, volatile demand trends, rising customer expectations and fierce competition… These are just a few of the key challenges your business is facing – and your competitors aren’t standing still. Artificial intelligence can enable your business to harness these challenges to drive your own growth. Use it to cut costs, handle more complex processes and take quality and efficiency to the next level.


  • Use visual inspection to enable rapid, consistent, accurate quality control.
  • Exceed customer expectations with intelligent proposals based on relationships between planning, scheduling and service quality.
  • Introduce predictive maintenance using diverse data sources and formats.
  • Predict product quality and optimize production parameters.
  • Create dynamic BOMs that automatically adapt to changing conditions.


  • Predict yield quality and quantity.
  • Help your suppliers dynamically tweak product characteristics to meet changing needs.
  • Use data to ensure contracts are up to date and favorable under current conditions.


  • Automatically adjust stock levels based on real-time events.
  • Optimize stock movements through dynamic reshuffling.
  • Use process and logistics data to optimize distribution, routing, packaging and load planning.

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