DataStories & delaware: guiding your journey into advanced analytics

DataStories & delaware: guiding your journey into advanced analytics

The DataStories engine transforms data into interactive ‘stories’ that can quickly and easily be interpreted, simulated with ‘what-if’ analysis and acted upon. Together with delaware’s tech and business expertise, this unlocks new opportunities for better performance, faster innovation and improved competitiveness. But don’t just take our word for it, also Gartner believes DataStories has a unique capability in “teaching machines to tell data stories to humans”.

What does DataStories do?

DataStories’ and delaware’s collaboration is built on three pillars:

1. Data science platform consulting and ‘what-if’ analytics

DataStories offers a state-of-the art augmented analytics and simulation platform that helps you achieve new levels of competitiveness. Paired with delaware’s extensive services and analytics expertise, we can set up and configure the platform to deliver high-impact actionable insights and powerful ‘what-if’ simulations for your organization.

2. Intuitive, enabling technology

Use the robust and fully automated predictive analytics to convert your spreadsheet data into actionable insights. This will allow you to achieve better results faster without the need for coding or data science experience. This technology can be used on a variety of data: HR, customer, production… you name it!

3. Data literacy training and support

Becoming a data-driven enterprise isn’t just about the technology. It requires a mental shift as well. That’s why DataStories and delaware offer training and support so you can maintain the models yourself and keep benefiting from the platform.

The advantages of advanced analytics

  • Better performance

By telling compelling stories and building bridges between domain experts – like product managers – and data scientists, you improve communication and create a platform for sharing. The results are insights into your company’s drivers to realize a better overall performance. For example, the DataStories technology can be used to optimize your production parameters through driver analysis.

  • More innovation opportunities

Since the DataStories technology can be used without any previous data science expertise or additional IT resources, everyone can use it making it the perfect fast-track for innovation.

  • Improved competitiveness

DataStories and delaware help companies reap the benefits of data science and advanced analytics to become truly data-driven. This allows for higher returns and greater competitiveness for any company.

DataStories and delaware

To help companies stay ahead of the curve, we believe AI is the way to go. That’s why delaware partners up with world-class AI service providers to expand our offering to our customers. DataStories’ ground-breaking augmented analytics and simulation platform is a crucial AI democratization technology. Paired with delaware’s all-round services and strong analytics expertise, we take your business to the next level.

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