AI for data, iot & intelligent devices

AI for data, iot & intelligent devices

Intelligent devices are the very foundation of artificial intelligence and drive the emergence of Industry 4.0, smart cities and factories of the future. By enhancing a device with a sensor, we can extract important information from that device, process it and combine it with information from other sources. This wealth of interconnected big data is then processed using analytics or even self-learning neural networks, for unprecedented insights into business operations.

The three layers of the Internet of Things:

  • Sensing, controlling or monitoring operational processes using intelligent devices such as sensors, LEDs, industrial machinery and more.
  • Communicating collected data with other devices and processing it on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Applying advanced analytics and AI approaches to big data to unlock actionable insights, including master data management and data mining processes.

The results: optimized operational processes, higher productivity, improved safety, enhanced quality and even better decision-making.

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