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In our e-book series, our experts describe real-life applications of machine-learning solutions and the underlying technologies. Get insights on how AI can add more intelligence to your operational, sales & marketing and HR processes.

How to kick off your company’s first AI project

24 pages

In a few short years, nearly every application in use will feature machine-learning approaches that will take us beyond the boundaries of traditional computing. AI won’t be just an add-on or nice-to-have feature; it will be a minimum requirement for organizations to become future-proof and differentiate themselves successfully from their competitors. AI is never a goal in itself – it’s a means to solve relevant business problems and generate added value.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about some AI myths, followed by six steps to successfully complete your AI project.

How AI makes life easier for employees and HR

34 pages

In this e-book, we take stock of how AI is making the lives of employees and HR professionals easier today, and what we can expect to happen tomorrow. We’ll look at how AI tackles some of the most pressing challenges in HR through real-life cases. And finally, we’ll explore how your organization can prepare itself for the AI-driven workplace and make the most of the opportunities it presents.

Adding intelligence to Sales & Marketing Processes

24 pages

In this e-book, we first discuss the objectives of intelligent sales and marketing processes, requirements for success and the analytics approaches that drive the exercises featured in our cases.

We then dive into six real-life customer stories in which the team used data from a wide range of sources to bring actionable insights to customers in diverse industries. We conclude with an intro to customer data platforms (CDP) and why they are the centerpiece of the truly customer-centric company, where data and AI power your day-to-day customer successes.

Efficiency & operations: Adding intelligence to your operations processes

24 pages

This e-book discusses how three domains of machine learning technologies – computer vision, natural language processing and intelligent devices – can be applied in real business situations to add measurable value.

As you read, it’s important to keep in mind that each business case is unique. However, these technologies can be adjusted, redesigned and tailored to suit many types of data and diverse operational challenges.

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