AI for natural language generation and processing

AI for natural language generation and processing

As the fundamental basis of human-computer interaction, natural language generation and processing derives information from text to accomplish a very specific task. Instead of matching on key words, natural language algorithms analyze text semantics to extract rich insights, guiding the user towards the right information and even generating interactive output when combined with computer vision and intelligent devices.

  • Ensure that service desk tickets or other communications go to the right person based on their content, and provide answers to standard queries.
  • Interact with customers through chatbots before involving your sales team, enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales.
  • Analyze and order unstructured communication, reducing man-hours spent on repetitive, manual tasks in finance and accounting.
  • Collect new insights into customer behavior and preferences based on their interactions with the system.
  • Discover new patterns in textual information.

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